Top 5 Winter Holidays

Lined Circle

Come winter-time, everybody wants something different from a holiday. In this Top Five, I try to suggest something for everybody - from coach tours to the Dales to cocktails on the beach.

5- Double-Christmas

Being Russia, you can guarantee snow and ice-cold vodka, though you'll be pleased to hear that many tours from St. Petersburg to Moscow include a stop at the saunas in Pskov.

4- Cosy Yorkshire Cabins

As relaxing or action-packed as you fancy, staying in a cabin in Yorkshire is a cosy way of spending a winter holiday in the UK.

3- Warming Winter Wonderland

A potential suggestion for couples looking for somewhere nice to spend their Christmas is the Maldives.

2- Swiss Snow Sports

With winter comes snow sports and there are few places better to experience them all than Switzerland.

1- Christmas with Santa in Lapland

As if the season wasn't exciting enough for children already, a quick search online will reveal a massive variety of Christmas-themed winter holidays to Lapland - the home of Father Christmas!