Top 5 Safest Cities in the US

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A recent survey by the Morgan Quitno Press can help identify the safest cities in US. Near the end of 2006, this survey released the safest cities; the following are the top five:

Brick, New Jersey

Since 2000, Brick has been the safest city in New Jersey and one of the safest in America.

Greece, New York

For the time being, that promise is safety. Known as a suburb of Rochester, Greece was once rated the ninth safest city. Most recently, it has been deemed the second safest.

Orem, Utah

Keeping "Family City USA" as its motto, Orem, thus far, has spoken the truth: recently, it was ranked third safest city in the country.

Irvine, California

One of the larger cities on the safe list, the population is nearly 200,000. Many of these people are either students or computer folk: Irvine is home to several colleges and technology based corporations.

Troy, Michigan

While the Troy of history was a place of war of violence, the Troy of Michigan sits on the list of safest cities at number five.