Five of the Most Unusual Swords Ever Used in Battle


Urumi Sword

The Urumi is a type of weapon with a flexible structure like whip native to South Asia.

The Katana, Japan

It is one of the most famous and recognizable swords in the world. It's a curved sword with a single edge and  a pointed tip traditionally used by the Samurai.

Khopesh, Egypt

Khopesh is a sword or saber with a curved balde in the shape of a sickle with the edge in its convex part.

Flame-Bladed Sword

The dents on the blade can appear parallel or in zigzag fashion. Flame-bladed sword is an umbrella term that many different types of swords.

Khanda Sword

The Khanda is a double-edged straight sword originating from the Indian Subcontinent. The Rajput Warrior Clans revered the Khanda as a weapon of great prestige.