5 Highest Paying Jobs in  Sacramento CA, USA



If you're looking for a way to make big bucks in  Sacramento CA, USA look no further! These five jobs have the potential to bring home some serious cash.

#1 Full Time Manager Assistant

$3500 a Month | Job description:   – To follow direction from manager of the office – To manage all record

#2 Full Time Manager

$70K a Year | Job description: – To recruit new staff – To deal with invoices

#3 Full Time Control Inspector in Aircraft Maintenance

$30 an Hour | Job description – To determine what to be serviced based on record – To ensure that equipment in duty is fully functioned and there is no defect

#4 Full Time Aircraft Communication Specialist

$30 an Hour | Job description – To repair communication equipments – To make decision regarding safety of aircraft

#5 Full Time Aircraft Manager Assistant

$30 an Hour | Job description: – To follow manager direction – To use good equipment in duty