5 Highest Paying Jobs in Juneau AK



If you're looking for a way to make big bucks in Juneau, AK - look no further! These five jobs have the potential to bring home some serious cash.

#1 Full Time Hospital Nurse

$41 an Hour | Job description: Nurse works with physician, therapist, manager, and pharmacist to look after patient and to give good experience to family of the patient.

#2 Full Time Evaluator of Student Records

$23 an Hour | Job description: – To assess record of student academic – To evaluate transcript of learning

#3 Full Time Security Guard

$23 an Hour | Job description: To provide protection under supervision to people including patients, staff, buildings, property and equipments.

#4 Full Time IT Software Specialist

$61K a Year | Job description: To modify internal software by using programming language in the field of fishing

#5 Full/Part Time Driver/Guide

$20 an Hour | Job description: To drive and serve customer To maintain vehicle