5 Highest Paying Jobs in Augusta ME, USA



If you're looking for a way to make big bucks in  Augusta ME, USA  - look no further! These five jobs have the potential to bring home some serious cash.

#1 Full Time Company Driver Operator

$18 an Hour | Job description – To drive and to operate company vehicle – To provide delivery and pickup of package

#2 Full Time Delivery Driver

$91K a Year | Job description: – To attend and to complete dock – To inspect truck and trailer

#3 Full Time Management Trainee

$16 an Hour | Job description – To work with store management – To direct crew

#4 Full Time Dentist Assistant

$18 an Hour | Job description – To assist in treatment activities – To control infection

#5 Full Time Night Picker

$22 an Hour | Job description: – To follow best method, policy and procedure – To ensure safety in working environtment