The 5 Safest Cities In The United States (You’ll Be Surprised)

When traveling for business, you might not have an opportunity to choose where you go. Chances are, you go where your boss tells you to go, even if this makes you want to tell him where to go.

But once in a while there may be an occasion or two when you can chose between cities: if there are identical conferences in twelve different cities, you just might get to visit the city you want to see.

New York
New York City

When this happens, there may be a variety of factors to weigh. You might want to go to Chicago so you can visit a nearby sister. You might want to travel to New York so you can see the city.

You might want to go to London so you can fly overseas for the first time. Or, you may simply want to go where you will be most safe. A recent survey by the Morgan Quitno Press can help you to do just that. Near the end of 2006, this survey released the safest cities; the following are the top five:

1. Brick, New Jersey

It will take more than a Big Bad Wolf to take down this Brick. Located in Ocean County, New Jersey, Brick is a town of just over 76,000 people. A town encompassed by beaches, bays, and the Atlantic Ocean, Brick is on a peninsula of security.

Since 2000, Brick has been the safest city in New Jersey and one of the safest in America. While it has previously been ranked fifth safest and second safest, the results of the most recent survey place Brick at the very top of the pile.

2. Greece, New York

Located in Monroe County, the town of Greece is not to be confused with the country; in this town there are far less tragedies and much more comedies. A city made up of over 94,000 residents.

Greece lives by the motto “Discover the Promise.” For the time being, that promise is safety. Known as a suburb of Rochester, Greece was once rated the ninth safest city. Most recently, it has been deemed the second safest.

Orem, Utah City

3. Orem, Utah

Tucked safely in Utah County, Orem is near Provo, Lindon, and Vineyard. It is also about 45 minutes south of Salt Lake City. The fifth largest city in the state, Orem has a population of just under 90,000. Keeping “Family City USA” as its motto, Orem, thus far, has spoken the truth: recently, it was ranked third safest city in the country.

4. Irvine, California

Part of Orange County, Irvine is the fruit of many things. A planned city developed by – go figure – the Irvine Company, Irvine became an official town in 1971. One of the larger cities on the safe list, the population is nearly 200,000.

Many of these people are either students or computer folk: Irvine is home to several colleges and technology based corporations. Number four on the list, it is also home to safety.

5. Troy, Michigan

Though Detroit is one of the most dangerous cities, Troy proves that the apple does fall far from the tree. A suburb of Detroit, Troy, Michigan is home to a population of 80,000. A hub of shopping centers, and offices.

Troy is also known for sports; it was named the 2003 sports town of Michigan by Sports Illustrated. While the Troy of history was a place of war of violence, the Troy of Michigan sits on the list of safest cities at number five.


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