7 of the Highest Paying Jobs in Phoenix AZ, USA for 2023

The annual wage pay in the average for rate of hour in category of jobs in Phoenix is $50K a year. It is about $24 an hour or $979 a week or $4240 a month.

#1 Full Time Investigator of Criminal Case, $86K a Year

Job description:

  • To review investigation process
  • To develop investigation plan
  • To do assignment of investigation to members
  • Conduct and direct investigation

Qualification and requirement:

  • Citizen of U.S
  • Health and sound both physically and mentally
  • Good technical skill
  • Good communication skill
  • Good analytic skill
  • Good leadership skill

#2 Full Time Assistant for Physical Therapy, $29 an Hour

Job description: To assist physician in physical therapy in flexible time and hour.


  • An ability to help other
  • Good attitude
  • Good ethic, polite
  • Good in thinking
  • To have desire to give real contribution, not only a paycheck

3 Full Time Pharmacist Assistant, $16 an Hour

Job description: To help pharmacist to do function that is in scope of pharmacy related.

Qualification and requirement: To have licence and minimum 16 years old.

#4 Full Time Hotel Desk Front, $18 an Hour

Job description:

  • To organize and to confirm regarding check in process
  • Doing secure payment and to adjust billing properly
  • To provide information to guest regarding direction, place of interest, etc.
  • To report to another staff in shift changing
  • To accept call and forwarding it to the right person of responsibility
  • Communicating to everybody in case of any emergency

Qualification and requirement:

  • Good inward attitude and excellent outward attitude
  • Having attitude to work as a team
  • Able to give attention to small detail

#5 Full Time Custody Protector, $23 an Hour

Job description:

  • To ensure safety of criminal-related custody
  • To move with transportation of prisoner etc., to court facility
  • To execute decision of court order regarding the custody
  • To prepare a care for custody when inside court facility
  • Reporting regularly and responding any inquiry regarding safety of the custody

Qualification and requirement:

  • High school graduation
  • To have experience at least one year in customer service job
  • 21 years old minimum
  • To have driving licence with good driving record
  • To have any training that can support the work

#6 Full Time Office Staff, $21 an Hour

Job description:

  • To come first earlier to the office on the day to prepare coffee, breakfast, and to fill empty amenity
  • To create inventory of anything in the office and responsible for that
  • To set the office environtment so as to become as comfortable as possible to everybody
  • To fix unconnected device into wifi
  • To help everybody in the office

Qualification and requirement:

  • Able to be happy and to smile in any condition of working
  • Able to be polite to everybody
  • Able to solve any problem regarding office environtment
  • Able to be the most patient people in the office
  • Able to do job in dirty environtment
  • Able to make everthing in the office to be more efficient

#7 Full Time Fitness Center Worker, $15 an Hour

Job description:

  • To assist people who is going to fitness center with their fitness program
  • To motivate people to achieve goal in fitness
  • To educate participant about health and fitness-related program
  • To provide good service to customer

Qualification and requirement:

  • Bachelor in science related to exercise
  • To have CPR certification
  • Able to operate fitness tool
  • Able to create customer network from the available clients
  • Able to operate Microsoft Office
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